Hi. My name is Pedro Americo, I am a Senior Creative Art Director and also the dude in that picture. I’ve done all this stuff you’ve seen here. I design things. I come up with ideas. I also develop ideas and executed them. I write music. I write about music in different zines. I play different instruments. I play with my photo camera and I also play video games. I love technology even though I write all my ideas on a notepad.

I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I love travelling, learning new languages and working abroad. Been in Europe since 2007, between Romania, Germany and UK (where I am at the moment). Before that I was living in my hometown, working for several agencies and playing with my band. During all these years I've worked for clients like Volkswagen, Mercedes, Opel, BMW, Mazda, o2, Ikea, German Red Cross, T-Mobile, Vichy, Exxon Mobil, Coca Cola, L’Oreal, Petrobras, and many others. I got some recognitions from what I’ve done for them, but the award I am proud the most is the one I got with my band Hill Valleys for the best pop album of the year in 2005 from Dynamite Magazine.


D & AD Young Blood, Mentor, 2 years in a row
Festival Internacional of Gramado, Jury, professionals
Creative Club of Rio de Janeiro, Jury, young talents

Bachelor degree in Communications at ESPM. 

Portugues (native)
English (fluent)
German (advanced)
Spanish (advanced)
Romanian (basic)


1x Art Director's Club, Bronze, PR

Luezer's Archive - Print campaign featured

Luezer's Archive - Film featured
Deutscher Digital Award, Silver, Cross-media

2x Cannes Lions, Shortlist, Direct
4x NY Finalist, Direct and Collateral and Digital
1x Art Directors Club of Europe, Nomination, Innovation
1x Art Directors Club, Bronze, Digital

1x Art Directors Club, Merit, Dialogue Marketing
2x Red Dot Design, Digital Media and Direct Mail
2x Annual Multimedia Award, Digital, Silver

LIA, Bronze, Branded Entertainment
FWA, Mobile of the Day
2x NY Finalist, Direct

2x Art Director's Club, Bronze, Media and Real Time Ad
3x Art Director's Club, Merit, Digital
Red Dot Award, Digital
DDP Award, Finalist, Digital
2x Annual Multi Media Award, Silver
New Media Awards, Finalist, Digital

Cannes Lions, Silver, Media.
Cannes Lions, Shortlist, Branded Content
Epica Awards, Silver, Media Innovation
Epica Awards, Bronze, Public Interest Interactive
2x NY Festival, Finalist, Online

Art Director's Club Germany, Merit, Online
Red Dot Award, Communication Design
Airport Media Award

2x Red Dot Award, Campaign and Calendar
IF Communication Design, Gold, Print
3x Creativity International Award, Gold
Creativity International Award, Silver
German Design Council, Automotives, Calendar

Cannes Lions, Young Lions Competiton Romania for Print.

El Ojo, Honorary Award, Press
Revista Pasta (Print Magazine), Press
Festival de Gramado, best use of media, Print
Prêmio Colunistas, silver, outdoor
3x Clube de Criação do Rio de Janeiro, Print Ads in "Melhor do Rio" yearbook

2x Prêmio Colunistas, silver, Press
2x Clube de Criação do Rio de Janeiro, print ads in "Melhor do Rio" yearbook

Prêmio Colunistas, silver, campaign
ABP Festival, bronze, outdoor